Chiapas Ten Years Later

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Jan 26th meeting minutes

STAC General meeting - January 26, 2006

In Attendance - 7 people
Laney, Chris, Bronwin, Paddy, Dennis, Yates, Mat - plus Mathew and Art

3.Katimavik Interns
4.Logo Design
5.Fundraising Brainstorm

1. This was our first meeting for the 2005/2006 year so we spent a bit of
time on introductions and STAC/ZEN/BSBC history

2. Several new members expressed interested in the caravan this summer
- We discussed what we want to get out of a caravan and what we'd like to
get out a caravan this summer.
- made several proposals to present to STAC Montreal concerning the
details of the caravan this summer:
1. a caravan fee of $460 which includes all transportation in
chiapas, leaving from mexico city. $200 of the fee would be for
2. applications due with non-refundable downpayment of $230 due by
April 30, 2006. This will allow Antoinne the time and
resources he needs to make arrangements in Chiapas.
3.We meet in Mexico City as early as the 3rd of August. We can try
to arrange cheaper group transportation down to San Cristobal. We
are in San Cristobal by Aug 6 and officially begin caravan here.
Some people might just want to meet in San Crist.
4. We follow the itinerary suggested by Antoinne: a couple days in
San Crist visiting NGOs n stuff. a couple days in Oventic visiting
coops and the boot factory. The remaining time in a smaller
community, perhaps to be determined by where the Junta wants
something done.
5. If necessary we use the caravan donation money to fulfil the
balance of STAC's commitment to raise $7000 for the 1st of January
Boot Cooperative in Oventic for factory improvements etc.
Otherwise we can use it to take on a new project while we are
there like rebuilding a market, etc.
6. We liked the idea of an orientation weekend like STAC Montreal
has done in the past before caravans. It might be something we
could organize together if there is interest.

3. Katimavik Interns
- NSPIRG may be getting a couple Katimavik Interns and if so they would
be available to us and other working groups to help work on things such
as postering, writing applications, tabling etc.
- we can brainstorm more things we could use a hand with

4. Movie Showing
- we had some amazing feedback from our last movie showing, so we decided
to show more soon.
- we have "The Real Thing" booked with NSPIRG for February 28th with a
Panel Discussion with John Cameron.
- We also want to show "The Revolution Will Not Be Telivised" as soon as
possible. We don't have a date yet.
- other movie suggestions - "Chile: Obstinate Memory"

5. Logo Design
- Dennis proposed Al Barbour be asked to design an "identity" for the
Black Star Boot Coop in exchange for a deal on boots
- Bronwin offered to work on it instead.

6.Fundraising Brainstrom
-non profit status - Laney offered to start the process
-Tabling in the SUB
we decided to table every monday in the sub where we can do outreach,
sollicit donations, and sell boots and women coop stuff
11:30-12:30 Bronwin
12:30 - 2:30 Paddy
12:30 - 1:30 Yates
1:30 - 3:30 Dennis
3:30 - Paddy

-look up non-profit status info - Laney
-info coordinate with STAC Montreal - Yates
-minutes post on blog - Chris
-Logo - Bronwin
-bring Coop papers to next meeting - Chris
-fill out tabling form and submit - Bronwin
-poster for tabling - Bronwin
-start designing a display stand for boots - Dennis
- find a date for showing "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" - Chris

Next Meeting - Sunday February 5, 2005


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