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Monday, May 09, 2005

STAC National Meeting & Decolonlization Conference

STAC National Meeting

What: Meeting of autonomous STAC Chapters and interested individuals to make some broader plans for the organization

Who: Members of: STAC Guelph, STAC Halifax and STAC Montreal When: Friday May 13th Decolonization conference in Montreal (starts after the opening panel, exact location TBA, please e-mail or call 902-454-2095 for more info. Information about the conference is below.

First started in Halifax, 1999 there are now STAC Chapters in several different Canadian cities. These autonomous groups work on a variety of issues related to the Zapatista struggle in Chiapas, Mexico. Since each Chapter has developed organically, we sometimes have trouble coordinating efforts and supporting each other. We are calling this meeting to open better communication channels, discuss the summer caravan and talk about the organization’s long term efforts.

STAC is non-hierarchical organization made up of autonomous chapters who make choices within the consensus based model of decision making which allows each participant an equal say in the process. STAC does all of its own fundraising and does not accept corporate donations.

If chapters and individuals could get some of the ground work laid before we commence, in terms of proposals and report backs, that would make things run a lot smoother, as I am sure we’ll be tired and wanting to enjoy Montreal.

So far, as a tentative agenda, we have

> - Updates from of activities from different chapters>
- discussion on how we can better support each other with>

Current projects.>
- Caravan discussion>
- logistics for this year and long term planning>

- Basis of unity

> - Long term national goals (if we want them at all)?

> - review of current projects>

> - Website (s)

STAC is non-hierarchical and makes it’s choices within the consensus based model of decision making which allows each participant an equal say in the process. STAC does all of its own fundraising and does not accept corporate donations.
In Struggle,

Chris, STAC Halifax


A conference to confront Canadian colonialism and strengthen movements forself-determination May 13-15, 2005Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)Pavillon Hubert-Aquin, Room A-M050400 Ste-Catherine East(Metro Berri-UQAM) Montreal, OCCUPIED KANIEN'KEHA:KA TERRITORY=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= *

Films, workshops & presentations;* Strategy and organizing sessions;* Land, Decolonization and Self-Determination March Land, Decolonization and Self-Determination aims to demystify the process of decolonization in the 'Canadian' state. The conference will bring together those at the forefront of self-determination struggles, and organizers and activists participating in solidarity work across Turtle Island (ie. Occupied North America).

This conference will strategize ways to dismantle the colonial 'Canadian' state, break down the walls of Fortress North America, and forge links of resistance. Let us share information, advance dialogue and fight together. Organized by the Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement (IPSM) and No One IsIllegal-Montreal (NOII) Childcare on-site. Translation available. Metro tickets available. FREE. INFO:Phone: 514-398-7432E-Mail : decolonization@riseup.netWebsites: www.decolonization.ca =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Preliminary Conference Schedule:(For more specific details and updates, please visit

*Friday, May 13:11AM-6PM: Film screenings6:30PM-9:30PM: Evening panel and discussion (Pavillon Hubert-Aquin A-M050)Canadian Colonialism, Anti-Colonial Struggles & ResistanceSpeakers: Joane Bourget, Harsha Walia, Arnie Jack

*Saturday, May 14:8:30 AM - 9:30 AM – light breakfast & registration 9:30 - 11:30 - WORKSHOPS (3)-Decolonizing IdentityNatalie Lloyd, Dolores Chew, Joane Bourget-National Liberation, Nationalism & DecolonizationAshanti Alston, Harsha Walia-Justice, Security & Self-DeterminationRoderick Carreon, Kukdookaa Terri Brown, Paul Delaronde Tekarontake

11:30 - 12pm - Break 12 - 2PM - WORKSHOPS (4)-Prisons & DecolonizationSky Bellefleur, Jonathan Wilson, Antonia Baker-Migration, Displacement & [De]colonizationTess Agustin, Smail Behlouili, Harsha Walia, Clifton Arihwakehte-Solidarity and Self-Determination Sarita Ahooja, Ashanti Alston, Sue Collis-Canadian Colonialism at Home & AbroadMagalie X, MacDonald Stainsby, Alcan’t in India, Andrea Schmidt

2 - 3 pm - Lunch Break 3 -

4:30 PM - Reportbacks from Workshops 4:30 - 4:45 PM - Break 4:45 - 7pm – Closing PanelDecolonization in Practice (Pavillon Hubert-Aquin A-M050)Shawn Brant, Paul Delaronde Tekarontake, Kukdookaa Terri Brown, Arnie Jack *Sunday, May 15:Atwater Square (corner Atwater and Ste-Catherine, Metro Atwater)-> 11am: Brunch and Speakers-> 12pm: Land, Decolonization and Self-Determination March =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- T

The 'Canadian' government, in its propaganda and legislation, has perpetuatedthe idea that decolonization means taking Indigenous Peoples out from under theyolk of the Indian Act by making them Canadians and allowing delegatedgovernance. This conference will expose the 'Canadian' government's current legislativedrive as nothing more than an attempt to complete the colonial project, andacquire legal access to remaining Indigenous lands and resources in order tosuccessfully compete in the global economy. Participants will learn whatdecolonization means from the perspective of Indigenous and otherself-determining communities. We will learn of the many strategies employedpast and present - legal, political, social and cultural - by Indigenous andother oppressed peoples in their fight against 'Canadian' colonialism.

Our vision of decolonization at this conference includes deepening our analysisof the various ways in which colonization manifests itself. We encourage theparticipation of people active in diverse social justice movements so that wecan collectively strategize; we include movements that address occupations inIraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Haiti andelsewhere; the attacks on the rights of immigrants and refugees; the PrisonIndustrial Complex; the 'war on drugs,' the 'war on terrorism,' reparationscampaigns; anti-racist, anti-patriarchy and queer liberation movements;capitalist globalization, police harassment and brutality, attacks on the poor;and more.

HOW YOU CAN HELP AND GET INVOLVED? -> ENDORSE: We are actively seeking individuals and groups to endorse thisconference. If you or your group supports the conference basis of unity (seewebsite) please let us know by e-mail or phone. -> DONATE: We are in big need of funding to meet the various costs associatedwith this conference, including transportation for out-of-town guests, andmaking sure the conference is free for participants. Please contact your groupsfor potential donations and/or help with fund-raising. If you can donate, pleaseget in touch. Cheques should be made out to 'QPIRG-McGill' with 'IPSM' in thememo line. Cheques can be mailed to:QPIRG-McGill, 3647 University Street, 3rd Floor, Montreal, Quebec H3A 2B3 -> PARTICIPATE: Land, Decolonization and Self-Determination is both a publiceducation and organizing conference. We are encouraging the participation oforganizers and activists who are interested in building a 'Canadian'decolonization movement. If you would like to get involved, please get intouch. Also, if you live in the Montreal-area and would like to volunteerduring the conference, get in touch too! We need help with childcare, foodpreparation, note taking, postering, and more… See the volunteer callout formore details and contact persons. -> BILLETING: We are expecting many people to be coming in from out of town, andwould like to be able to help them find accommodations. If you have space andwould be willing to welcome people into your home, please send a message todecolonization at with ‘Billeting’ in the subject line. Pleaseinclude your name, contact info, number of people you can accommodate, and onwhich dates; also what kind of accommodations (bed, couch, floor, etc.),location, accessibility (pet free, wheelchair,child friendly, etc…), and any other necessary information. -> TABLE: If you would like to set up a table on Saturday, please contact ussoon, as a limited number of spaces are available. INFO: conference website: or 514-398-7432, Decolonization & Self-Determination conference basis of unity(Please contact us at decolonization [at] riseup [dot] net if you endorse theBasis of Unity) -We reject the mutually reinforcing structures of capitalism, imperialism,colonialism, patriarchy and racism, and the institutions in which they areembodied. We are organising this conference with the understanding thatcapitalist globalisation is nothing new- it is simply a new name for thecolonialism and culture of genocide which Indigenous peoples have beenresisting for centuries. We challenge anti-war and social justice activists andorganisations to recognize that there can be no justice on stolen land. -We assert that decolonization 'at home' is an integral part of the struggle forglobal justice and self-determination - in concretely targeting the roots ofinjustice inside Fortress North America, we oppose injustice everywhere. -We advocate the use of a broad range of tactics and creative initiatives inbuilding a decolonization movement and affirm the importance of buildingrelationships of mutual aid and solidarity, within and across our movements,ranging from anti-poverty and prison abolition to queer and trans liberation,from immigrant and refugee struggles to environmental justice. -We see decolonization as being only possible through active and collaborativeefforts. This necessarily requires a parallel process of mutualself-determination and active solidarity between Indigenous and non-Indigenouscommunities, founded on a respect for the autonomy of all peoples, groups andindividuals.


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