Chiapas Ten Years Later

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Updated tour dates

Hey Everyone,

Despite a nasty truck breakdown, the tour is rocking its way across the country. Here are the updated dates. for events with 'TBA's', please e-mail to get exact info.

Thanks to everyone who has helped out.

December 16 Victoria, BC
Location and exact time TBA
Organized with Building Bridges

December 10 Vancouver, BC
Simon Fraser University,
Location and exact time, TBA
Organized by Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group

Wednesday, December 8th, Neilson BC
Exact time and Location TBA

Monday, December 6th, Lethbridge Alberta
Location and time TBA
University of Lethbridge
Organized with Alberta Public Interest research Group Lethbridge

Friday, December 3, Calgary Alberta
7pm Unitarian Church meeting room
1703 1st NW

Thursday, December 2, Edmonton Alberta
5:00pm in the Alumni Room in the
Students Union Building

Friday, November 26, Winnipeg, Manitoba
7pm Mondragon Cafe

Monday, November 22, Thunderbay
10:55 am High school class, closed to general public
7pm Lakehead University

Sunday, November 21st, Thunderbay
7pm Unitarian Church downtown

Thursday, November 18th, Sudbury,
7pm Sudbury Arts Council
124 Cedar St. Suite 102
Organized with Autonomy and Solidarity
3pm, Sociology class, Laurention University
Closed to the Public
12am, Student centre, Laurention

Wednesday, November 17th, North Bay
7pm Nipissing University, room: A133.

Tuesday, November 16th, Sault Ste Marie
7pm Algoma University Auditorium
Organized with Algoma Solidarity and Action (ASA)

Thursday, November 11, Montreal
5:30 pm, McGill University
Shatner Building Room 433 A
3480 McTavish Street
Organized with STAC Montreal

Monday, November 8th, Guelph Ontario
7pm Bullring café, Guelph University
3pm Guelph University, number 1200 Thronborough
Intro to Women’s studies Class
Organized with OPIRG Guelph

Monday, November 1st, Waterloo Ontario
5:30 pm Waterloo University, Student Life centre
Room 3103
Organized with OPIRG Waterloo

Thursday, October 28, Kingston Ontario
7:30 pm Sleepless Goat café
91 Princess Street
Organized with the Goat and OPIRG Kingston


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